Christ the Savior Church to Be Built Near JSC Legpromrazvitie Head Office

Two years ago Aliaksandr Presniatsou, the founder of JSC Legpromrazvitie invited a priest ordained by Belarusian Orthodox Metropolitan Pavel to discuss spiritual matters with the company workers. The priest gives sound advice and tries to help hearers in different situations.

– And just recently, – says the company founder, – it was decided to build an orthodox church near production sites.

Aliaksandr Presniatsou thinks the construction has a special meaning: it is not only a church construction, it is a contribution to spiritual and religious culture, enrichment of historical and cultural traditions of the community and even the wish of the staff majority.

With Friar Valentin we are surveying the supposed construction area in the primary view of the Legpromrazvitie main office where they are to start building Christ the Savior church in a few weeks.

According to Friar Valentin whose primary religious service is in Bobruisk Monastery of the Myrrhophores, the church will be built with the blessing of Metropolitan Pavel and the Bishop of Bobruisk and Bychau Serafim. An allotment is apportioned for the church.

In a short while, gilt orthodox crosses will look for the sky, silvery peals of chime will break the silence, and a rainbow of bright sunshine will mix with the glow of the dome of the God’s House. A prayer will definitely bring conciliation, hope, confidence and new strength not only for worldly things, but also for a spiritual beauty…

Alena Hladkova, newspaper Babruiskaye Zhytsyo of April 22, 2017.