JSC Legpromrazvitie Halts Child Footwear Production to Finish Gazprom and Rosneft Order

Several lucky sale deals with such loyal Russian customers as Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Surgutneftegaz and Transneft were made at the same time. The markets of Poland, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary highly estimated BEROSSI brand products. Substantial orders even made the company lay its most offbeat project of child footwear production aside. The company started producing the footwear in the second half of the previous year and has made over 1000 outstanding boots appealing to the customer. However, today one cannot lose an active well-off client. Moreover, in time of a crisis such clients are a primary concern. Potential consumers are not used to waiting when the competition level is high. As the demand is high the company plans to increase its capacities and, therefore, the staff’s salaries. JSC Legpromrazvitie anticipates increasing its workers’ wages by the end of June. As regards good brightly colored child footwear collection, it will be back to manufacture soon and will continue to conquer different markets. Moreover, they plan to begin producing domestic ventilation systems with air recuperation. The project is expected to be profitable and popular at markets.

Alena Hladkova, newspaper Babruiskaye Zhytsyo, 2017