Operational Information

Deal agreement with an affiliated body of May 10, 2017

Full name and location of the emitter;

Closed Joint Stock Company (JSC) Legpromrazvitie (TIN 700056270) located as follows: Republic of Belarus, 213826, Bobruisk, 27 К. Marks str.;

date of agreement approval;                

May 10, 2017

Type of transaction (every of interdependent transactions);

License agreement on the transfer of rights to use a trademark.

parties of transactions (every of interdependent transactions);

JSC Legpromrazvitie (License Holder) and Aliaksandr Presniatsou (License Grantor)

scope of agreement;

The License Grantor provides the License Holder a non-exclusive right to use a trademark within the period of the duration of this agreement.

The trademark name:  

The trademark belongs to the License Grantor on the basis of trademark certificate No 34944, registered by the National Center of Intellectual Property on February 3, 2011.

concern criteria per part one of article 57 of the Law of Belarus On Economic Entities of the bodies mentioned in paragraphs two to four of part seven article 57 of the Law of Belarus On Economic Entities;

possess (individually or together) twenty or more per cent of Charter Fund shares of a legal body being a party to a transaction or acting on behalf of third parties in their relations with the economic entity;

the sum of transactions (the total amount of interdependent transactions);

The total amount of the license fee for the Trademark is BYN 450,000.00 (four hundred fifty thousand Belarusian rubles) (gross).

balance cost of assets (asset cost), specified on the basis of accounting for the previous report period before the day the decision was made to make this transaction (asset cost).

18,958,000 Belarusian rubles.


Chief executive officer of JSC Legpromrazvitie                          D. Shchelkunov

Accountant-General of JSC Legpromrazvitie                              N. Sivakova