Plastic Products Manufacture

The thermal plastic casting section was created in 1992. Having considered the market needs the managers of Legpromrazvitie decided to increase the production facilities of this section that required the total upgrade of thermoplastautomates range and a new vast workshop. Irreproachable product quality and strict commitment to contractual obligations helped establish long-term partnership with leading companies in Belarus and Russia. The development of a hi-tech design department provided for casting sophisticated parts, which expanded the sale market share. At present, the production site of the plastic products is a modern enterprise with several trademarks and capacities to cast products of different configuration and volume range from 8 to 6,000 cm3.

Legpromrazvitie Trademarks:

  1. Berossi – convenient, useful, practical and functional accessories for domestic use. We always pursuit for the maximum performance of any product, constant upgrade and enlargement of the product lines. First Berossi™ developments came to existence in 2002. Since that time, the company constantly works with the product range and implements most creative ideas.
  2. Ecoteck – Ecoteck™ products managed to become the leaders of the market of surface drainage professional systems. Due to the use of the modern techniques and materials, the products meet the strictest requirements of international standards. The manufacture process is certified per STB (Standard of Belarus) ISO 9001-2009.

The company constantly finds the spheres of the application of polymeric articles. Our customers are machine building, agricultural, construction and military companies.

32 thermoplastautomates with clamping force range between 60 and 1000 tons are used to cast plastic under pressure. These fully automated machines solve any problems of plastic casting and form making. 2 thermoplastautomates are involved in making two-color and two-component articles.